About Us

What makes Q.O.C. Cosmetics Different? 

Q.O.C.Cosmetics that women of color for so longed have been alienated when it comes to cosmetics for darker skin tones. Though the market is saturated with beauty products specifically makeup, there is a lack for melaninated skin. We (I) as a woman of color have been searching for products that are targeted for our skin tones. We are faced with countless problems concerning cosmetics, such as, cosmetics counter staff are not trained to match foundation to darker skin tones properly. Women of Color lack skincare knowledge a well as the lack of products for melanin and with Q.O.C. Cosmetics, we can help bridge that gap and solve these issues.


Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to empower Women of Color to "be the queen they were born to be." Women of Color should have the confidence in their own beauty and embrace the skin they're in.
"Be the Queen you were Born to Be"